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If you're after some inspiration for your next project, we hope some of the patterns we've selected will help you on your way to your next creation. Why not try something you've never done before..
We'll be updating this page regularly but if you have any patterns you've made yourself, we'd love to share them here too.

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Boho Spirit Luna Scarf

Cygnets Luna scarf is a simple pattern making it a great project for those new to crochet and will no doubt transform any outfit with the cool Boho colours.

The finished scarf measures 16cm x 150cm but you can double the width if you'd prefer it to be more summer shawl rather than winter scarf.

What you need

Boho Spirit shade Luna 100g x 2

7mm crochet hook

Baby Cardigan and Bonnet

There's no denying it, you can't beat knitted clothes for babies. They wash better, they last longer and they're cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Not only that, they're far more cost effective. 

This lovely duo are knitted in Cygnets Pure Baby Print Misty Rose, but why not try Ocean Mist for a boy.

What you need

Cygnet Anti-pilling DK Pure Baby Print in Misty Rose or Ocean Mist 100g x 2

4.5 mm Crochet hook

Cat Beds

If your furry friends are anything like our Head of Quality Control (Fluff), they'll love to be involved with any Yarncraft projects you have on the go. So why not make it about them with one of these chunky crochet cat beds. The colour possibilities are endless...

What you need

Cygnet Seriously Chunky

Burnt Orange 100g x 2

Cygnet Seriously Chunky Prints

Peacock 100g x 5

7mm crochet hook

Jumper Andes_edited.jpg
CArdigan brushed alpaca.jpg

Sandy Shore

Sandy Shore can be made with Drops Cotton Light or Drops Belle. Cotton Light is 50% cotton giving it strong durability and shape stability, whilst the linen mix in Belle adds a delicate texture and sheen.

What you need

Cotton Light or Belle in Light Beige

450g for a Medium

4mm & 3.5mm Circular needles

4mm & 3.5mm Pointed needles

Water Point Sweater

Made with Drops Andes (65% Peruvian Highland wool and 35% Alpaca) this super chunky sweater benefits from the soft silky feel of the alpaca but with the shape stability provided by the wool.

What you need

Andes in Sea Green

800g for a Medium 

9mm & 7mm Circular needles

9mm & 7mm Pointed needles

Cherished Moments

If you're looking to make something a bit special, this pretty jacket is made with Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk (77% alpaca and 23% silk). This premium mix provides a soft, feather light feel that's surprisingly warm.

What you need

Brushed Alpaca Silk in Pink Sand

200g for a Medium

8mm Circular needle

We love to see what you have made, please send us photos or share them with us on our social channels. For more ideas, tips and tricks, offers and free patterns, please subscribe below. 

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