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Amigurumi Octopus Kit

Amigurumi Octopus Kit

Small but very cute crochet octopus’ kit. These lovely little crochet creatures are great for anyone feeling a bit stressed. Fiddling with those curly arms can improve focus, reduce restlessness and manage anxiety. 


They are also very popular with hospitals caring for premature babies. Research in Denmark has found that squeezing these cotton tentacles has helped tiny patients to develop better breathing, more regular heartbeats, and even higher levels of oxygen in their blood. Doctors report that babies are also less likely to pull on their monitors and tubes, which ensures they can receive all the medical attention they need.


The kit includes everything you need to make two octopus along with a complete set of instructions. There's lots of colours to choose from, please pick two that will be added to your kit.


The yarn in these kits has an Oeko-Tex® certification (certificate number 951032), Standard 100, Class I from the INNOVATEXT Textile Engineering and Testing Institute. This means that is has been tested for harmful substances and is considered safe in human-ecological terms. Class I is the highest level, and it means the yarn is suitable for baby articles (ages 0-3).

Happy crocheting!

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