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Crochet Turtle Kit

Crochet Turtle Kit

These fascinating sea creatures are a symbol of tranquillity, healing and perseverance. This makes them a perfect first project as the art of crochet is proven to relax you, alleviate anxiety, reduce stress and promote mindfulness. It also takes a pinch of perseverance to learn how to do it!


In many cultures a turtle in the home is thought to bring protection, good health and longevity so once you've learnt how to make them you can give the gift of turtles to all of your loved ones!


This kit is great for beginners who like a challenge! To help you on your way the kit provides access to a series of tutorial videos that walk you through all of the stitches you need for the turtle.


Each kit includes enough yarn to make two turtles of opposing colours as well as a crochet hook, sewing needle, stuffing, safety eyes, cotton eyes (so it can be given to a baby) and the pattern. It all comes packaged in a well presented box and paper bag for protection so it makes a perfect gift. 


Happy crocheting :)

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