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Seahorse Crochet Kit

Seahorse Crochet Kit

For many cultures the seahorse brings good luck, peace and tranquility. 
Their shape and small dorsal fin makes them weak swimmers, often being carried with the current, it's believed this teaches us how to relax and go with the flow. 


They are most of the most loyal creatures of the fish family and are known to stay with the same mate for many seasons. They link their tails to make sure they aren't separated by the tides.   


This kit is great for beginners who like a challenge! To help you on your way the kit provides access to a series of tutorial videos that walk you through all of the stitches you need for the seahorse.


Each kit includes enough yarn to make two seahorses of opposing colours as well as a crochet hook, sewing needle, stuffing, safety eyes, cotton eyes (so it can be given to a baby) and the pattern. It all comes packaged in a well presented box and paper bag for protection so it makes a perfect gift. 


Happy crocheting :)

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